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Galentine's Day Ideas

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Friends

Valentine's Day used to be a soul-crushing day for single people. But not anymore. Now, the day is a celebration of love between friends as well as lovers. To celebrate our Gals, here are the best How She Shines ideas for Galentine's Day celebrations:

Spa Day

Do yourselves a favor and run to your local Korean spa with your besties for a relaxing afternoon. Korean spas are a How She Shines favorite, because women of all shapes and sizes congregate away from the judgemental eyes of society. They walk around naked, reminding us that most female bodies don't look like those on billboards and in Hollywood. Women can come together to soak in the mineral hot tubs, detox in the clay room sauna, or sip tea and read their favorite books in the lounge.

Nature Hike

Find a local trail and invite your friends to explore. Hiking is good for the body and the soul. Bonus points if you have a forager in your group. Bring a few snacks and have a picnic at the top of the trail. Nature will provide all the scenery.

Wine and Paint Night

Test out your saucy art skills with your pals at a wine and paint night. The more wine you drink, the worse your painting will be but the less you'll care. It'll be fun to see your friends' different artistic talents.

Book Exchange

Bring your favorite books and do a book exchange with you nearest and dearest. It's a great way to discover new stories and authors. Not to mention, it helps friends get to know each other a little better.

Slasher Film Fest

This was a college tradition for me and my girlfriends who didn't have Valentine's Day dates and couldn't care less. It was a rebellion against the sappy, commercialized version of the holiday and it was an absolute blast.

Road Trip

Pack your bags and head for the hills on a Galentine's Day retreat. Get away from the noise of the city and find a place to let your hair down, whether that's a little beach town or a cabin in the woods.

Wine Tasting

Bring your buddies to wine country and tour local vineyards. Afterwards, hit the shops for a bit of buzzy boutique shopping. Finish off the evening with a picnic paired with your favorite wine.

Board Game Night

Gather 'round the table for game night with your gal pals. For the more serious board game enthusiasts, Settlers of Catan is a good choice. If you want to laugh your face off, try combining Cards Against Humanity with Telestrations. Ransom Notes also provides hilarious word combos that will make you laugh until you cry.

Take a Dance Class

Whether it's hip hop, Zumba, or stiletto dance, rounding up your besties to hit the dance floor can be a blast. Find a class that matches everyone's skill level and go sweat and sway. Stop at the juice bar afterward to reward your bodies.

Go Hug a Cow

If you're in Southern California, visit the Gentle Barn to get a dose of animal love with your friends. You can literally hug and snuggle the cows. Bring carrots to feed the horses and see emus, pigs, and chickens up close and personal.

Let this Galentine's Day inspire you to create fun new traditions for you and your friends.


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